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11 plus made easy for everyone

  • Designed in partnership with Pate’s Grammar School, Cheltenham.
  • Endorsed by Grammar Schools.
  • Affordable 11 plus online courses (Year 4 and Year 5).
  • GL Assessment focused 11 plus content.
  • Week-by-week tuition notes and tests.
  • Start our 11 plus courses at any point in the year.
  • Instant Access to the full course.
  • Convenient as you can access all content at any time.
  • Money-saving as includes 3 online mock exams.


Our on-demand and fully online 11 plus courses for year 4 and year 5 students can start in any month, and are designed to be flexible and convenient for each family's individual needs.

How it works

Students have weekly lesson notes to learn new topics and skills for GL Assessment and CEM Select 11 plus exams, such as Non-Verbal Reasoning and GL Verbal Reasoning.

In addition, there are KS2 maths and English (including year 6 topics) to ensure comprehensive preparation for the 11 plus exam.

There are instantly marked tests following the weekly lesson notes.

Students should complete all tests and aim to eventually achieve over 80%.

All tests have 2 attempts available and most tests include hints and explanations.

As our 11 plus tests are instantly marked, parents can easily see the final percentage achieved.

At the end of each test the categories are listed (eg: NVR- Rotation, NVR-Reflection or Maths- Fractions, English- Spellings) with the corresponding percentage achieved.

This gives parents the ability to identify their child’s weaknesses and the opportunity to boost those areas.

Our year 5 course includes 3 GL Assessment style and CEM Select mock exams, as we know how important it is for students to sit practice exams before their 11 plus exam.

Why choose our 11 plus courses?

Our courses are designed to bridge the gap between parents and the unknowns of 11 plus preparation. We want every parent to know what 11 plus topics, skills and knowledge their child needs to cover ready for the 11 plus. It gives parents the tools to identify their child's strengths and weaknesses, and boost weaker areas in advance of their 11 plus exam.

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Easy-To-Follow Course

The well-structured week by week format provides parents and students with a comprehensive programme of study for GL Assessment and CEM 11 plus exams around the country.

Instant Access and Convenient

Your child can start the 11 plus course at any time in the year. You can structure it around your family life. All content is available as soon as you start.

Identifies Weaker Areas

The key to passing is identifying and boosting weaker areas. At the end of our 11 plus tests, the categories are shown giving parents the ability to identify weaker areas as a private tutor would.

Grammar School Endorsement

Our 11 plus courses have been developed with and are used by grammar schools within their Shaping Futures Programme™.

Instantly Marked Tests

All our tests are instantly marked when a student presses “FINISH QUIZ”. You can see the overall percentage achieved and their score in each topic category.

Comprehensive 11 Plus Downloadable Lesson Notes

Our 11 plus courses teach the new 11 plus topics, as well as provide practice. It is everything parents need to help guide their child through 11 plus preparation.



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11 Plus courses used nationwide by grammar schools

Our year 4 and year 5 11 plus courses support this nationwide programme, run by grammar schools to provide additional academic support for students in their local community.

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