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Develop Essential Exam Knowledge for the 11 Plus

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11 Plus Tests

Our online 11 Plus programmes for GL Assessment exams:

  • Are designed to encompass all the benefits of private tuition without the cost.
  • Come from direct experience of preparing students to navigate their 11 Plus, with the goal to achieving a Grammar school place.
  • Include GL Assessment focused 11 Plus downloadable lesson notes, and instantly marked tests in:
    • Verbal Reasoning
    • English
    • Maths
    • Non-Verbal Reasoning
    • Tackle tougher topics with weekly videos (example right)
    • Start anytime, access instantly!

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Why choose our 11 Plus courses?

Bridge the 11 Plus Gap: Empower parents to guide their child's success. Identify strengths, target weaknesses, and conquer unknowns.

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Easy-To-Follow Course

Master GL 11 Plus with our structured weekly program.

Instant Access & Convenient

Start anytime & learn at your pace. All content unlocked instantly.

Identifies Weaker Areas

Pinpoint weaknesses & boost scores. Our 11 Plus tests show areas for improvement.

Grammar Schools Ready

Trusted by Grammar schools within their Shaping Futures Programme™.

Instantly Marked Tests

Instant Results: Overall score & breakdown by topic.

Complete 11 Plus Lesson Downloads

Master new 11 Plus topics & practice. Complete prep solution for parents.

How it works

Students have weekly lesson notes to learn new topics and skills for GL Assessment 11 Plus exams, such as Non-Verbal Reasoning and GL Verbal Reasoning.

In addition, there are KS2 maths and English (including year 6 topics) to ensure comprehensive preparation for the 11 Plus exam.

There are instantly marked tests following the weekly lesson notes. Students should complete all tests and aim to eventually achieve over 80%.

All tests have 2 attempts available and most tests include hints and explanations.

As our 11 Plus tests are instantly marked, parents can easily see the final percentage achieved and identify weaknesses.

At the end of each test the categories are listed (eg: NVR- Rotation, NVR-Reflection or Maths- Fractions, English- Spellings) with the corresponding percentage achieved.

Our Year 5 course includes 2 GL Assessment style mock exams.

Sitting practice exams is crucial for student success, which is why we offer them in our program.

Prepare your child for the 11 Plus in:

Barnet, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Buckinghamshire, Calderdale, Cumbria, Gloucestershire,
Kent, Hertfordshire, Kingston upon Thames, Lincolnshire, North Yorkshire,  Poole, Warwickshire, Wirral 

11 Plus courses used nationwide by Grammar schools

Our Year 4 and Year 5 11 Plus courses support this nationwide programme, run by Grammar schools to provide additional academic support for students in their local community.

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