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Your Questions Answered: The 11 Plus Exam

Feeling unsure about the 11 Plus exam? This FAQ page provides answers to common questions and offers key steps to support your child’s success.

Supporting Your Child

  • Are you a parent who wants to learn more about the 11 Plus?
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the choices for preparing your child for the 11 Plus exam?
  • Do you want to feel empowered to make the best decisions about your child’s preparation?
  • Have basic questions about the 11 Plus?
  • Looking for a framework that works for GL 11 Plus exams?

Here are some of the common questions we’ve received about the 11 Plus exam.

What is the aim of Skyward Kids?

Skyward Kids 11 Plus Courses aim to create affordable online courses.

Who creates the 11 Plus courses?

We have a team of experts. We are a small team of authors who write 11 Plus books for UK publishers.

Who are the 11 Plus courses for?

Our courses are for students in Year 4 and Year 5, who wish to try for a Grammar school.

Can I access the 11 Plus courses without registering?

All users must register to use our courses.

Do I have to use the 11 Plus course at specific times?

Our courses are designed to be convenient for family life.

You can access all lessons and tests as soon as you start the courses.

As there are no pre-scheduled lessons, your child can study at any time that is convenient for your family.

As the courses are on-demand, they are completely flexible in terms of how and when you use them.

Are all 11 Plus tests instantly marked?

Yes. You simply have to press FINISH QUIZ and the results are given immediately.

The percentage achieved is shown at the end of the test.

All tests include scores for the individual categories within the test.

Many quizzes also include hints in the questions and explanations for the more challenging questions.

Will the courses help me identify my child's weaker areas for the 11 Plus exam?

Yes, each test has a category score at the end.

Parents and students can check the categories at the end of each test to identify weaker areas and boost them with additional practice

This is the key to 11 Plus success.



How much time should your child devote each week to 11 Plus preparation?

We suggest about 2 – 3 hours per week as a minimum if you are starting in Year 4 (our 11 Plus courses with additional work from books).

Using our 11 Plus courses, you can structure 11 Plus preparation in any way you want and according to your family’s needs.

If your child is starting in Year 5, your child should be studying at least 3 times per week for at least 3 hours.

They key is to work consistently and keep identifying weaker areas, boosting them, and seeing improvement, as well as keeping momentum with the stronger areas.

What happens if we have a week off?

We know that sometimes everyone needs a break.

Have a week off but make sure all parts of the course are completed.

Keep working consistently while being mindful of using our weekly well-being challenges and concepts.

Are time management skills important in the 11 Plus exam?

Yes, being able to manage time well is important in 11 Plus exams.

Time management is particularly important in CEM Select exams as many areas have exams which are split into smaller timed sections.

Some children can work quickly naturally, while some manage to work more quickly with practice.

As is the case with anything, you can improve through practice.

In our 11 plus courses, many tests are timed to help practice.

All of our GL Assessment style and CEM Select style mock exams are timed.

It is important to practise under timed conditions as students need to continue to work with accuracy even when you are working under timed conditions.

How can I improve my child's performance in their weaker areas?

We know that it is important to be able to perform well in all of the areas of the 11 Plus exam.

It is too easy to want to avoid the areas which you are weaker in (because it is uncomfortable to do the things that we are not naturally good at). It feels much more natural to concentrate on the areas which we excel in. Really, you should be working through all the areas with the aim of improving any weaker areas, and to keep excelling in the areas which are your strengths- Don’t ignore any area!

Ideas to improve weaker areas are:

  • Use this course.
  • Monitor scores to identify weaker areas.
  • Re-read all the downloadable materials and use any videos available.
  • Complete any additional books in any weaker areas identified.

When should I start 11 Plus preparation?

This is a very difficult question to answer as families vary in their choices of when to start 11 Plus preparation.

Many children begin strengthening their maths and English skills in Year 3.

Many students start more specific 11 plus revision in September of Year 4.

Some students start in September of Year 5.

Students should aim to work consistently throughout Year 5 including the final weeks in the lead up to the exam.

How can I tell if my child will pass the 11 Plus exam?

This is almost impossible to answer. The reason that it is impossible to answer is that nobody knows the level of everyone taking the 11 Plus exam in that year.

So, rather than worry about this, the key is to get to a point where you are consistently achieving at least 85% in all tests. If you are not achieving these high scores at the start of the course, don’t worry.

The more you practise, the more likely it is that you will improve. We suggest keeping a general note of all test scores, identifying and boosting weaker areas and keep working consistently.

How can I contact someone from Skyward Kids 11 Plus Courses?

Please contact We are a small team and we aim to respond to all enquiries as soon as possible.

Key Steps to Success

From our experience, there’s no need to panic about the 11 Plus exam.

Here’s what you need to focus on:

  • Ensuring your child covers the correct content specific to the 11 Plus exam in your area (as it can vary).
  • Working through resources and completing practice tests to identify areas needing improvement.
  • Choosing a 11 Plus preparation option that fits your family’s needs. Consider factors like cost, scheduling, and compatibility of homework tests.

The key is finding an approach that works for you.

We hope this FAQ page and our blogs can answer all your questions.

The 11 Plus is achievable with clear and consistent preparation over one or two years.

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