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Kathryn McMahon

Kathryn is a co-author of several successful 11 Plus books.  She has extensive experience of the 11 Plus exam and knows just what it takes to get into the best Grammar schools in England.

11 Plus Courses Kathryn McMahon


I founded Skyward Kids from a belief that all students should be able to access 11 Plus familiarisation courses, which is why my 11 plus courses are intentionally affordable.

You may be a parent who would like to use The Skyward Kids Self-Guided 11 Plus courses as a booster course in addition to employing a tutor.

You may be a parent who would like to DIY 11 plus preparation with your child.

You may be a parent who is not in a position to be able to afford a private 11 plus tutor.

The Skyward Kids online 11 plus programmes allow parents to have everything they need to work through all the 11 plus topics, with extensive lesson notes and tests that score themselves.

Skyward Kids 11 Plus Courses empower parents to have the confidence and tools to boost their child’s 11 Plus knowledge (without a tutor or in addition to a tutor).


Kathryn McMahon

Founder of Skyward Kids 


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Knowledge for Parents

“The 11 Plus exam is the only exam where students are not given a comprehensive syllabus by their school.

This means that parents are in the dark about what children need to do to prepare, and how much they need to cover in Year 4 and Year 5, in order to have a chance of success.

This has fuelled a reliance on private tutors who have the experience of what it takes to pass the 11 Plus exam, and offer this insight to parents. I created Skyward Kids 11 Plus Courses as not everyone has the financial means to afford private tuition.

The 11 Plus is not a magic formula, as is the case with other exams. The key is consolidating what is studied at school, ensuring areas that are not covered in primary schools (such as non-verbal reasoning and verbal reasoning) are taught and practised.

Then students need to experience sitting for an extended period of time to complete mock exams, just to practise timing and stamina.

By creating my self-guided 11 Plus courses, I am giving knowledge to those parents who need the information of what to cover with their child.

We all know that it is not rocket science, but without a framework to work to, it is difficult to know what other students are doing when they prepare for their 11 Plus exams.

My 11 Plus courses are straightforward and easy for parents and students to follow. They are not gamified, as gaining a Grammar school place is a serious and important business, and requires the use of resources that look like the real 11 Plus exam.

Your child just needs straightforward practice and you, parents, need a framework to be able to offer that to them.

Please use our courses in any way you would like, dip into them at any point in the year, or follow them from start to finish. It’s completely up to you!”

Kathryn McMahon

Founder and MD of Skyward Kids

Skyward Kids 11 Plus Course are for parents who want:

• Affordable and straightforward 11 Plus courses without gamification and which look like the real 11 Plus exam content.
• A fully online, self-guided 11 Plus course to work through.
• Confidence that they have a standalone framework to prepare children with or without a tutor.
• A booster course to use at any point in the year, in addition to working with a tutor.
• A comprehensive range of online and printable 11 Plus lesson notes.
• The ability to identify their child’s weaker areas through instantly scored tests.

Our Online 11 Plus Courses are accessible 24 hours a day and as soon as you start you have access to all parts of the courses.

Both the Year 4 and Year 5 courses are a comprehensive programme of study covering Non-Verbal Reasoning, GL Assessment Verbal Reasoning, Maths and English.



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Our on-demand and fully online 11 Plus courses for Year 4 and Year 5 students can start in any month, and are designed to be flexible and convenient for each family's individual needs.

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