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Success Stories

Case Studies

See how Harry, Ava, and Josh conquered challenges and aced their exams with Skyward Kids’ targeted support.

Read these inspiring case studies to learn how we empower young minds to succeed!

Harry’s Story

Story: A bright student who struggled with exam technique– Timing Makes the Difference

Skyward Kids Support: We helped Harry master his exam pace through timed practice tests. Initially, Harry achieved a high score (85%) in untimed conditions, but his scores dropped significantly (around 53%) under timed pressure. This drop revealed a clear issue with managing time during exams.

Achievement: Harry was a talented student who was capable in all the areas of the 11 Plus exam. Prior to joining Skyward Kids, his exam performance suffered due to time constraints. Through our timed practice tests, he honed his exam technique and achieved optimal timing. This resulted in securing a coveted spot at a grammar school.

Ava’s Story

Story: Ava excelled in English and was an avid reader. However, she struggled with Maths and had no knowledge of Non-Verbal Reasoning (NVR).

Skyward Kids Support: Our programme helped Ava improve her maths skills and introduced her to NVR. Through the regular online practice tests she mastered NVR and maths and was regularly achieving over 80% in both areas. Her English continued to go from strength to strength through the regular Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation and Verbal Reasoning tests for GL Assessment.

Achievement: With the help of Skyward Kids Support, Ava was able to overcome her challenges in Maths and NVR. This allowed her to successfully pass the 11 Plus exam.

Josh’s Story

Story: Brilliant at maths, highly intelligent, and hardworking, Josh was also a good reader, but his vocabulary needed improvement.

Skyward Kids Support: Josh diligently completed the course, focusing his primary attention on the English resources. He particularly dedicated himself to learning the word lists and repeatedly taking the tests until he demonstrated significant improvement.

Word List Example

Achievement: Josh achieved a flying colors pass. While naturally talented, Skyward Kids provided the additional support and structure he needed to build and learn vocabulary, successfully applying it within the English section of the 11 Plus exam.

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