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Our year 4 course is designed to prepare for GL Assessment 11 plus exams. The weekly 11 plus downloadable lesson notes and practice tests are designed to familiarise your child with the content and timings ready for their 11 plus exam, as well as assist with their general schoolwork.

You can use our courses to help your child prepare for their GL Assessment 11 plus exam in the following areas:

Barnet, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Buckinghamshire, Calderdale, Cumbria, Gloucestershire, Kent, Hertfordshire, Kingston upon Thames, Lincolnshire, North Yorkshire,  Poole, Warwickshire, Wirral            

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Price: £125

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Designed for complete flexibility

Students have weekly lesson notes to learn new topics and skills for GL Assessment and CEM Select 11 plus exams, such as Non-Verbal Reasoning and GL Verbal Reasoning.
In addition, there are KS2 maths and English (including year 6 topics) to ensure comprehensive preparation for the 11 plus exam.

There are instantly marked tests following the weekly lesson notes.  Students should complete all tests and aim to eventually achieve over 80%. All tests have 2 attempts available and most tests include hints and explanations.

As our 11 plus tests are instantly marked, parents can easily see the final percentage achieved.
At the end of each test the categories are listed (eg: NVR- Rotation, NVR-Reflection or Maths- Fractions, English- Spellings) with the corresponding percentage achieved.

This gives parents the ability to identify their child’s weaknesses and the opportunity to boost those areas.

Year 4 students are given an introduction to the 11 plus skills and knowledge at a gentle pace

Great Value

This course covers all the topics in the 11 Plus GL Assessment and CEM, covering all requirements across all UK counties.

Save money on 1-to-1 Tutoring

At only £125 in total, the cost for your child’s 11 plus preparation works out to be £6.25 a week.

Used by Grammar Schools

Our 11 plus courses have been developed with and are used by grammar schools for their social mobility programmes.

Covers all UK 11 Plus Exams

Our year 4 course sets solid foundations for GL Assessment and CEM Select 11 Plus Exams around the country

Well-structured Course

The course is easy to follow and provides a consistent approach to 11 plus preparation in year 4

Instantly marked tests

All tests are instantly marked providing an overall percentage achieved and a percentage for each category. This helps parents identify their child’s strengths and weaknesess.

Learn at your own pace

Learn at your own page with our guided programme and easy online material

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