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Are you looking to get your child in to a well established Cheltenham grammar school?

  • Endorsed by Pates Grammar in Cheltenham
  • Affordable 11 plus online courses
  • Less than 15% of private Tutoring fees
  • focused 11 plus content.
  • Week-by-week tuition notes and tests.
  • Start our 11 plus courses at any point in the year.
  • Instant Access to the full course.
  • Convenient as you can access all content at any time.
  • Money-saving as includes 3 online mock exams.

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Great Value

This 11 plus course covers the topics needed for the GL Assessment and CEM Select for all counties in England and Northern Ireland.

Save money on 1-to-1 Tutoring

Grammar School Endorsed

Covers all UK 11 Plus Exams

Covers all UK 11 Plus Exams

Instantly marked tests

Learn at your own pace

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HOME STUDY MASTERCLASS 11 + EXAMS in a 20-week On-Demand programme

Our year 4 course is a 20-week On-Demand programme to prepare for GL Assessment and CEM Select 11 plus exams. The weekly 11 plus downloadable lesson notes and practice tests are designed to familiarise your child with the content and timings ready for their 11 plus exam, as well as assist with their general school work.



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