11 + EXAM DAY MASTERY How to deal with Exam Day nerves

Sleep well- consistent bedtimes – early!

Eat well

The Morning of the Exam

  • Have a good breakfast
  • Go for a gentle walk around the block to clear your head

Just Outside the Exam Room

  • Deep breaths (belly breathing) stand quietly Action
  • Don’t overexcite yourself chatting to other children about what you do / don’t know
  • Go to the toilet – even if you do not need to go!

When the exam is about to Start

  • Get out your pencils / rubber / sharpener (should have a couple of pencils already sharpened and a sharpener with a container)
  • Listen carefully to instructions
  • Do not talk even if the exam has not started
  • Don’t sip at your water- it all builds up!
  • Write your name as soon as you are allowed
  • Take a look at the answer sheet sections and make a mental note of where each section is on the answer sheet.
  • Find a clock on the wall and use it.
  • Put your water away from your exam paper.

In the Break

  • Relax, do not panic about what has happened in the previous section- recognise that it is completed. Be ready to do your best again.
  • Try not to ask others about how the exam is going for them.
  • Make sure you go to the toilet in the break- whether you need to or not!
  • Eat your snack (nothing sticky)!

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