11 + EXAM- FINAL PREPARATIONS- Let’s look at how to be an 11 + exam whizz

1 Don’t forget to write your name!

2.Listen carefully to ALL the instructions.

3. Work at speed and with great care.

4. Go to the toilet before the exam starts and when you are given the opportunity, whether you need to go or not.

5. Don’t drink too much water.

6. Before you start, write a circle on your scrap paper. This is to note down the questions which you have had to put a guess in. Don’t leave any gaps. Be aware of the time you are spending. If you are struggling with a question, just put in a guess, carry on, note down the question on the spare piece of paper (in the circle) and review it if you have time at the end.

Look at how many questions you have and how long you have to do them in (roughly work out where you should be at the half way point).

Don’t leave any gaps. Be aware of the time you are spending. If you are struggling with a question, just put in a guess and carry on!

At the end of the exam make sure you have written your name and any other required information on the answer sheet.

Be completely aware of what the symbols mean and follow them!

Listen out for time warnings and act upon them! Don’t ignore them! Eg: You have 1 minute remaining”.

12. Ensure you check that the section you put your answers in corresponds with the section which you should be on (as per the exam paper) BEFORE YOU WRITE ANY ANSWERS

13. Write your name on the scrap paper (some counties you can still receive the mark if the invigilator can see that your workings were correct) CHECK THIS

14. Use all the time available, If you finish a section early then keep checking your answers. Don’t change answers unnecessarily.

15. Time warnings- Listen out for them and act upon them by hearing the time warning and look at how many questions you have left to answer. Eg: if you have 2 minutes left and a couple of questions you can continue to work methodically. If you have 1 minute and 10 questions left, you need to mark the answer with a complete guess (as listed in point 7). Do not even read the question!

16. If you run out of time, never leave any questions unanswered. If you hear the time warning of 1 minute remaining always put in a guess. ie: Don’t read the question just guess. In a multiple choice section, even if you mark A, A, A, A,A,A

SECRET: If you run out of time, always put in an answer/s as it is often the case that you can pick up an additional mark if you do! But you certainly won’t pick up any lucky marks if you leave any unanswered questions blank!


Good luck!