20 weeks of preparation for the 11 + exam- How long does it take to complete? How much work to do?

How long does this course take to complete?

This course can be completed as a minimum of 20 weeks. It can also be spread out over a longer period. You can decide this according to how you think your child will be best suited. Should you start earlier because they may be struggling at school and need a bit more time? Alternatively, they may have other weekly commitments and are busy, so you may want to spread it out. The other thing to consider is whether you think you can keep your child motivated for a whole academic year without them burning out.

How much work to do?

There are some children who will do more and some who will do less work than others according to their family’s wishes.

This is somewhere in the middle and is designed to allow a good amount of practise and familiarisation. We are firm believers in practicing which in the lead up to any major challenge we feel it is a positive process to go through to provide knowledge and confidence on how your child can achieve their best.

As part of this course, we will also be recommending other materials to use which will give your child a broad range of questioning. We recommend that your child complete these additional books.

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