English Synonyms and Antonyms to learn and test for Week 16


Here are the synonyms and antonyms for you to learn this week.

Please download each sheet and then learn the synonyms/ antonyms.

Learn the associated synonym / antonym and then complete the tests.

You should aim to achieve at least 80% eventually and you have 4 attempts at each test to practise.


Top Tip:

Don’t forget that a word can have different meanings if it is either a noun / verb / adjective


Please note any words you do not know in a book and review them during the week (look at the word, what type of word is it, does it have a few different meanings according to whether it is a noun or a verb for example, write an example sentence).


Please click on the links below:


Week 16 Synonyms -Learn first and then take the test PDF

Week 16 Antonyms -Learn first and then take the test PDF


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