English Wk 2

English Overview Factsheet- What might you be tested on?

Grammar, Spellings and Punctuation

  1. Grammar

The rules of the English language (verbs, adjectives, nouns, adverbs, pronouns, preposition, conjunction – see later notes in week XXX)

  • Spellings

How to spell common words and also the more unusual and higher level spellings

  • Punctuation

You may have to choose the correct answer or you may have to say which is the incorrect answer.


Read a paragraph of text and answer questions on it!

The text could be any format:

  • A Poem
  • A news story
  • Fiction or non-fiction
  • Modern or historical text
  • Set of instructions
  • Letter
  • Diary


  • Words

You may have to fill in the missing letters to complete the words.

  • Sentences

You may have to fill in the missing words to complete the sentence

  • Paragraphs

You may have a paragraph with a number of missing words and you are given a choice of words to choose from, and you need to place them in the correct part of the paragraph to complete the paragraph.

Shuffled Sentences / Jumbled Sentences

  • Each sentence is jumbled up.
  • In your head you have to make the sentence make sense, and find the word which does not have a place in the sentence.


Each question will have a word and you have to find the synonym.

A synonym is a word which is “similar” to another. It may not be exactly the same but may be an associated word such as “duck” and “bird”.


An Antonym means “opposite”.