How do I decide whether my child should take the 11 + exam?

It is a really big decision as to whether a child should take the 11 plus exam and aim for a Grammar school place.

Due to the competitive nature of human beings means that as so many children have tuition in one form or another, and this can be with parents or tutors. 

Even if you don’t want to use the services of a tutor then you, as a parent you should help your child.

Questions to consider

How is my child doing at school?

Does my child have a positive work ethic to be able to do work in addition to schoolwork?

Do I see a value in my child attending a Grammar school?

Does my child / will my child see a value in attending a Grammar school?

What do I think of the other local schools?

Which secondary schools would I be happy for my child to attend?

Have I visited all the schools available for my child to attend?

Am I going to have the time to support my child throughout this process?

Are they going to see the value of this opportunity and work hard?

As you can see most of the decisions and therefore the best of success comes from whether you as a parent are committed to wanting your child to gain a place at a Grammar school, and whether you have the time and commitment to do so! Interesting that most of this decision will come down to your feelings. That said, the last question is so important in this decision, because from my experience the children who succeed are those who have a healthy attitude to their schoolwork, understand the importance of achieving a Grammar school place and who actually want to achieve.

If children are very heavily focused on video games or who will require constant cajoling into working are at an instant disadvantage and unfortunately it will make it a difficult process.

Only you can decide, but we hope that these questions help.

If you have any questions which you think we need to add to this, then do let us know. 


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