How does the 11 Plus exam vary from county to county?

The 11 + exam varies according to the county in which you live. It varies in terms of the exam provider and also the content.

There is a great website to look at which details all the counties brilliantly!

Predominantly, one can say that overall the 11 + exams can include Maths, English, VR and NVR- however please do check according to the county in which you live .

Don’t forget if it seems like a minefield in terms of how to prepare remember there is only so much a child can be tested on, at that age.

It is a multi-part exam which you take in Year 6 when you go back to school (September).

The 2 main exam providers are CEM – Part of Durham University and GL Assessment. Both have the elements listed above.

For CEM Exams:

You will sit two different 45 minute papers (in 1 sitting)

Multiple choice answers A-E 

Lots of different sections with varying amounts of questions

You have to follow the instructions which are spoken to you or on a recording

Normally there is an exam paper and then a separate answer sheet

The answer sheet will have various sections all of which are timed, and you have to start and stop when the audio instructions say so.


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