Inspiration, Well-Being and Success Tips – Don’t waste any of your precious time- Week 6


Inspiration, Well-Being and Success tips for your 11 Plus

Inspiration for Students

Hello again and welcome to week 6!

We hope you are getting on well with the course.

This week might be a funny week because you are well into the course but may feel like you still have a long time to go.

In some ways that is true but also in some ways, you really need to keep your momentum as time passes quickly and you will soon be at the half-way point.

Time is the only thing that you cannot get back!

If you keep working through this course your knowledge and skills for the 11 plus will grow and so will your confidence!



Positive Self- Talk

Realising that you are getting better at something means that you should pat yourself on the back and say well done!

Start realising that you are growing in knowledge and skills and so try and grow your confidence too.

Say well done to yourself every time you finish your 11 plus revision. You should be proud of your effort and what you are achieving!

We are proud of you!

Success Tips 

11 Plus Time Skills needed are:

Working at speed

Working with precision

Understanding the time you have available for every test you do

Understanding where you should be at the half-way point of any test:


Working out where you should be at the half-way point:

You have 10 minutes and 10 questions to complete

Here is what you should think:

I have 1 minute maximum for each question

At the half way point- I have 5 minutes to go and I should be at least at question 5!


Get into the habit of thinking like this about everything you do in your 11 + revision and you will be spot on for your exam day!



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