Inspiration, Well-Being and Success Tips- Growth Mindset Week 1


Inspiration, Well being and Success tips for your 11 Plus

So you / your child have completed the first week! That’s brilliant!

So let’s have a chat about it all.

Inspiration for Students

Did you know that you can change your brain! You can train it! You can improve it! It is all within you! 

If you have what is called a “Growth Mindset” which is a belief that you can practise and you can get better at something!

So practise and you will improve your chances greatly at doing well in your 11 Plus.

Well being

Here are some basic tips for keeping your physical and mental wellbeing on top form!

Eat well

Sleep enough

Relax and have fun

Go outdoors

Success Tips 

Your child should have:

A good starting point in Maths and have covered some year 6 topics

Have a wide knowledge of vocabulary 

Have a focused attitude

Be hard working

Have parent /friend / family member to help with homework a couple of times per week

Should completing 2 mock exams (online, with a provider or using books) where your child performs progressively better and achieves a higher ranking every time

Become time aware when you are answering questions – be quick and precise – timings are important

Be competent in all the areas which are tested in the exam

Work with precision

Good luck with your preparation! Just do your best!

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