Inspiration, Well-Being and Success Tips- Perseverance – Week 4


Inspiration, Well-Being and Success tips for your 11 Plus

Giving maximum effort over a period of time is another way of saying that you are persevering at something.


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Perseverance applies to learning music, improving at a sport as well as schoolwork.

Basically, if you want to do well at something, then you have to try your best at it which means persevering week by week.

This is what you are doing when you are revising for your 11 plus exam.

There is an amazingly powerful theory called the “10,000 hours concept” based on a paper written by Anders Ericsson, a Professor in Canada*. Broadly, he believed that if you do 10,000 hours in anything that you can be good at it.

Now that is a lot of hours and we are not suggesting you do this.

But it raises some interesting questions which we would like you to think about!


How much time are dedicating to your 11 plus revision each week

Are you enjoying it?

If the answer is yes, does this mean you are learning lots?

If the answer is no, would you learn more if you enjoyed it?

How can you make this journey interesting and perhaps more fun?

Do you need a reward to motivate yourself?

Are you happy revising because you know you have the chance to go to an amazing school?


We want you to do your best, so if you think that there is something stopping you from getting the maximum benefit from this course, try and work out what it is, and work out how to fix it so that you are enjoying and learning as much as you can every week.


Some people just enjoy studying and others do not.

Some people need a reward for working hard and others do not.

Have a think about how you can do your best week on week, make a plan and stick to it!

 *Professor at the University of Colorado, called The Role of Deliberate Practice in the Acquisition of Expert Performance.


Inspiration for Students

If you are thirsty, hungry or tired, then you are not going to get the best out of yourself in any situation.

We suggest that you have a drink of water before you start and if you can have a healthy snack, then that is good too!

Lastly, if you feel tired or a little sluggish before you start or during your study, get up and move your body.

Have a run around or dance and get your energy levels up.

Put on a smile and start working!

We hope that this helps you approach your revision with a focussed and happy attitude.



Happy feelings are so good to feel.

Sometimes we can help lift our mood with a couple of simple actions:

Choose your favourite songs, play them and dance!

Choose to smile!

See the positive in what you can and be grateful for as many good things as you can!


Success Tips

Monitor how you are feeling.

Try and work out which are the topics you enjoy most and are you good at them.

Keep practising them.

Make sure you work very hard on the topics which are your weaker areas.


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