Inspiration, Well-Being and Success Tips- Taking breaks and staying motivated- Week 10

Inspiration, Well-Being and Success tips for your 11 Plus

Inspiration for Students

Hello everyone and congratulations for achieving something amazing!

You are now at week 10 which is half-way through the course.

You are now on home straight and you should be very proud of this.

Take a moment

Often when we are right in the middle of something, we forget how far we have come.

Remember 10 weeks ago when you had not started.

It is really good to take a moment and be pleased that you have 10 more weeks of building your 11 plus knowledge and skills, under your belt.


Honestly, that is so good!


Be proud of yourself.



Are you taking enough breaks?

It is very easy for sit for too long and start switching off, when you are preparing for any exam.

We have found that it is a good idea to break up revision time into small manageable chunks of no more than 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes, have an active rest which you should choose. It could be tidying your room, washing your hair, going for a walk, skipping or running around.

Try and give your brain a rest and also activate your energy levels.



Why don’t you try 5- 10 minutes of activity for every 20 minutes of study!

A good use of use of ratios there!

“All activities should make you breathe faster and feel warmer”. *

This will energise you and make you feel more focussed.

You might also choose to have a light snack and a drink!



Success Tips- New “Countdown” Timetable

We really like the idea of making a new timetable which goes from week 10 down to week 1.

Make sure you put the date of your 11 plus exam in MASSIVE LETTERS!

Tick off each week and use this to motivate you to keep going!


Consolidation Week

This week is called Consolidation week as we will be testing your knowledge under timed conditions.

Exams and any timed tests put you under a bit more pressure.

It is nothing to worry about at all.

And,it is a real skill to apply your knowledge under timed conditions.


Here are our top tips when being tested under timed conditions:

  1. Give yourself a little team talk which means saying.

“I can do this”.

“Don’t panic”.

  1. Breathe deeply in and out to relax yourself.
  2. Try and find a place where it is quiet so that you have no distractions.
  3. Be time aware – remember to work out what is the half-way point of the test and on which question you should be.
  4. Have a piece of spare paper, write the questions that you have answered but were not sure about and then come back to that question if you have some time available at the end.
  5. Do your best.






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