Inspiration, Well-Being and Success Tips-Setting mini goals, getting energy from nature and becoming a time whizz – Week 12


Inspiration, Well-Being and Success tips for your 11 Plus

Inspiration for Students

Energy and Goal Setting

How are your general energy levels?

We know that working hard and for a long period of time can be tiring.

We also know that it takes dedication to keep going when you are tired.

As it is week 12, you may be feeling tired and that it is the same every week.

Only 3 weeks until Treat Week?

Well, when you get to week 15 there is another consolidation week. Perhaps you can use this as your next target, as it is a way of breaking down the weeks!

Perhaps you could do something a bit special on week 15 as a bit of a treat for all this hard work and effort?

Keep breaking everything into bitesize chunks- so say to yourself that you only have 3 weeks until week 15! Perhaps we should rename it “Treat week”!

After that you will almost be at the end of your course!


Mini Goals

At this stage, can you set some new mini goals?

What 3 goals can you set yourself for the next 3 weeks?

Do you want to improve in a certain area?

Could you do some extra work in another area?

Is there a Maths topic which you could watch some more videos on, to really understand it?



Green Spaces

Do you know that it is really good to see trees?

Can you go to your local park and just hang out under the trees?

Go and watch the leaves move in the wind and watch the sunlight come through and really absorb the goodness from the experience.

In Japan, SHINRIN-YOKU or forest bathing is practiced which is connecting to the natural world by being in the present moment.


How to Forest Bathe in your local park or garden:

Turn off and do not use your phone or any device

Sit or lie down

Be still

Use all your senses

Be still

Listen to the birds

Be still

Smells any scents of the air around you

Be still

Watch the leaves move

Be still

Notice any sunlight coming through

Be still

Remain there for a while and notice if you feel any different- even if only slightly!

We hope it helps you to relax.

Try it!


And if you are a little mad as we are, you can even give the tree a hug, but at least give it a pat!

Success Tips 

Are you monitoring how you work under timed conditions?

Are there sections which you can do more easily than others under timed conditions?

Can you make a list of the sections which you do not finish easily or that you do not score as well on, when you are working to time?

Once you have your list, make sure that everything you do is to time for those sections.

As a rough guide you could start timing yourself for each question and see how long it takes you. Then you could start putting a timer on and reducing the time you take.

For example you could aim to complete each question in 30 seconds.

We cannot exactly say how long you have for each question in the real exam, but the more you practise working quickly, the better you will get at it.


Become a whizz at managing your time

Quite often there will be one question which can throw you and take longer to complete.

Be aware of whether you are taking too long.


Give your best answer.

Come back to that question at the end.


By not spending too long on one question, it stops you having the rush the remaining questions.

Can you see that one long question could disrupt the rest of your answers?

So, be savvy!

Notice the question that takes too long to answer.



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