Inspiration, Well-Being and Success Tips- Nurturing a sense of achievement, Keep going, Trick questions Week 13



Inspiration, Well-Being and Success tips for your 11 Plus

Inspiration for Students

Know what you want and Keep moving towards your goal

Well done on reaching week 13!

Have you seen the quote at the end of this piece? Have a quick look and come back to this point, when you have read it.

To summarise the quote, you can achieve great things if you set goals, keep going and have some time constraints.

We love this idea!

We also know how true it is.

In order to achieve something great, you have to have a ruthless determination and belief.

Basically, you can achieve anything if you know what you want as long as you keep going in the time you have available.

This applies to anything and is really true here!

If you don’t have quite enough time, then you have to keep going even when you don’t feel like doing it.


So even if you don’t feel like doing your 11 plus preparation this week, please do carry on.

 You are doing so well!

 Keep your focus and commitment in any way that you can.

 Remember to sleep, exercise and rest enough!


And mainly, keep having lots of fun to balance all this hard work which you are doing!



Nurture your sense of achievement

 Don’t forget to look back at what you have achieved.

It is easy to forget how much you have achieved in 13 weeks.

For the last 12 weeks you have been working at building skills and knowledge.

Please remember:

  • To feel proud of your effort to reach this stage.
  • That this is a short window of time which requires maximum effort.
  • That as long as you are doing your best, that this is all you can do.
  • To have confidence in your ability because you are working hard
  • To try and enjoy this challenge.
  • You only get one chance at this so don’t panic, and keep working.

We congratulate you on your efforts over the last 12 weeks.


Success Tips 

Go back over some of the early weeks’ vocabulary and relearn.

Also review any weaker areas of Maths and NVR and complete any of the tests again which you did not score so well in.

Trick Questions

When we have written questions for this course, we have written in some tricks.

These are questions which are designed to trip you up. Sorry, we know that is a bit unkind but perhaps there are trick questions in the real exam? We don’t know but here are some of the tricks we have included and so it may be useful to know these so that you can be careful, just in case it is the same in the real exam.


Synonyms and Antonyms

If it is a synonyms question, we also like to put in the antonym- so remember which section you are in.


We also put in a word which looks similar but is incorrect.


Shuffled Sentences

We put in additional little words such as “in, on, at” because they are difficult to spot.

We also put 2 of the same words together so that you might assume one is not needed, but actually it is! This is a real red-herring.

We also put in an associated word, so 2 words which you are used to seeing together in every daily life, but in this context, is completely wrong.



We like to put the opposite of the answer, so that you have to be very careful and choose the correct one.



We put a plausible answer, but perhaps it is one digit off for example.


If you have worked out a question in the wrong order for example, we like to put in that answer.




Often once we have the correct answer, we will change it slightly and give that as another answer option. This means that there are 2 very similar answers, so you have to make sure you read all the options and not rush into the putting the first one that looks correct.


Sometimes we rotate the cube which makes it much harder to answer the question, so do not assume that the cube has not moved.


We hope that understanding some of the tricks helps you with your preparation!


It’s nice to know the tricks of the trade! We wish we knew that about magic!






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