Inspiration, Well-Being and Success Tips- Time Management – Week 3


Inspiration, Well-Being and Success tips for your 11 Plus

Think of a person who inspires you with their knowledge or talent in their job or hobby!

Well, guess what! Even those people who are talented and professional were not always as accomplished as they seem to you today.

What we mean by this is that, at some point their life, every talented and professional person started as a complete beginner!  They started on their journey without a full set of knowledge or without a completely formed talent.

So, our message to you is:

Please do not to compare yourself to others

Everyone has to start somewhere!

Go on your own journey!

Now you are three weeks into the course, you are hopefully starting to feel a little more comfortable about what you have to do each week and how it all works.

If not, keep going!

Inspiration for Students

Your 11 + journey is like any journey.

There is a start, a middle and an end.

Are you giving it your 11 plus journey your best shot?

Have you completed all the tests which have been set so far?

Have you learned all the synonyms and antonyms?

Are you writing down words which you encounter in daily life and learning their meaning. Have you also found a synonym and an antonym for them?

Like any journey where you want to reach a certain destination, you need to stay on the right roads.

In your 11 plus journey, you need to keep learning, practising and keep doing the tests every week.


Success Tips- Time Management

Have you made yourself a wall planner?

If you haven’t, write down how many weeks it is until you take your 11 +.

You will realise that time passes quickly if you tick off each week and that your destination is getting closer!

You could also break down the time available into the total amount of day or hours which you will spend on your 11 +.

The key is to understand what time you have available and to use it wisely, because once it is gone, it is gone.



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