SPEED AND ACCURACY MASTERY- Wk 3 Weekly test all areas

Why are these tests important?

It is important to complete all of the sections in the 11 + to time at some point in the preparation.

What you should look out for when working under timed conditions?

See whether any particular sections are more challenging under time pressures than others.

If there is a particular section which you find difficult to complete to time, then practise lots of these sections to time to improve (eg: NVR and comprehensions)

If you score a low mark on a section when it is done to time, and normally you score well on this section, then you know it is the time constraints that are affecting your score. So, do more practice until you master the section while working to time!

Good luck and keep practicing!

“Don’t practice until you get it right, Practice until you can’t get it wrong” Swimming Pinterest