The History of 11 Plus Exams and “Tutorproof” exams in 2019 onwards

When I was growing up everyone took the Grammar school 11 + which consisted of 12 question types and was based solely on verbal reasoning.

This was heavily criticised because children who should not have achieved a place at a Grammar school could, by being excessively tutored. It was also an exam which did not favour children who were more mathematically minded.

“Tutorproof” exams were then introduced (CEM) which included much wider topics and which, in theory could not be learned. 

The result of an exam with much wider topics is positive in many ways as a child really has to be competent in all the areas tested (English, NVR and Maths) and it is balanced for both mathematically minded children and those who have strong English skills.

The downside to the introduction of this exam is that those children whose parents have decided that their children will try for a place at a Grammar school, now have to work harder as the possible content is much broader. However, manyof the skills and knowledge areas needed are those which are taught at school (excludes NVR and some English skills, which we will show you later in the course).

However, that said I feel that the current exams are much more robust in ensuring that children who should be at Grammar school are achieving a place.


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