The Additional books your child should complete



A Note on the books your child should complete in addition to this course:

A Note for Parents:

This is a self guided course which provides the outline on topics and skills which you need to master for the CEM 11 +.

Facts are:

  1. The more questions that a child completes, the more adept and confident they will be in their 11 + exam. This is the case for preparation for all exams.
  2. Books provide a great way to ensure your child has met a variety of questions and question styles.
  3. Some books are better earlier on in your child’s preparation.
  4. Other books have more of an exam feel to them and so should be used later on in your child’s preparation.

We will guide you through which books should be used and at what point your child should start and finish them.


Most children preparing for their 11 + exam will do A LOT of additional book work, whether they are preparing with a tutor or with a parent. It’s essential!

Top Tips:

Aim to complete as many of these books as possible, in the time given!

Where there are time limits given, make sure your child completes these tests under timed conditions.

The total cost of these books is: (To be added)