What is English and Verbal Reasoning section of the 11 +?


English Overview Factsheet- What might you be tested on?

Grammar, Spellings and Punctuation

  1. Grammar

The rules of the English language (verbs, adjectives, nouns, adverbs, pronouns, preposition, conjunction)

How to spell common words and also the more unusual and higher level spelling.

You may have to choose the correct answer or you may have to say which is the incorrect answer.


Read a paragraph of text and answer questions on it!

The text could be any format:

  • A Poem
  • A news story
  • Fiction or non-fiction
  • Modern or historical text
  • Set of instructions
  • Letter
  • Diary


Cloze Words – You may have to fill in the missing letters to complete the words.

Cloze Sentences -You may have to fill in the missing words to complete the sentence.

Cloze-Paragraphs – You may have a paragraph with a number of missing words and you are given a choice of words to choose from, and you need to place them in the correct part of the paragraph to complete the paragraph.

Shuffled Sentences / Jumbled Sentences

Each sentence is jumbled up.

In your head you have to make the sentence make sense.

You then have to find the word which does not have a place in the sentence.

The answer is the unnecessary word.


Each question will have a word and you have to find the synonym.

A synonym is a word which is “similar” to another. It may not be exactly the same but may be an associated word such as “duck” and “bird”.


An Antonym means “opposite”.


Please click on the link below our overview for English:


English Quick Overview – 1 minute read


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