What is the Maths section of the 11+?

The Maths section may have shorter and longer, more word based questions.

Mental Maths – Quick calculations – mainly using numbers only.

Problem Solving -Questions which are centred around words and which need you to covert those problems into Maths questions to then answer them.

The format in the Problem Solving section is that you may have to read a paragraph of information and then use this to solve questions related to that information.

Your questions may have multiple choice answers for each question or you may have a choice of answers in a box at the top and you have to choose the correct answer.

Problems solving if often a skill which children find more difficult as it involves a number of stages. But don’t panic.

Notes on things to remember about the Maths section:

  1. Cover some year 6 topics to ensure your child will be able to answer the additional challenging questions.
  2. Know and recall number facts
  3. Know times tables fluently
  4. Familiarise yourself with translating questions which are predominantly words into a number.
  5. Check that answers are viable roughly / make sense


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