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New Maths Tuition Videos

12th September 2023

We are delighted to announce that our year 5 course will now have tuition videos on the more challenging maths topics.

We are uploading these videos to Online 11 plus Home Study Masterclass Course as they are produced.

If you don’t find a maths video in the week in which you are studying, please return at a later point to see if a new video has been uploaded.

Alternatively, please subscribe to our You Tube channel as all videos are posted there.

Here are the links to the videos for the first 2 weeks:


Week 1 Adding Decimals Video 1

Week 1 Adding Decimals Video 2

Week 1 Subtracting Decimals Video 3



Week 2 Number Pyramids Video

Week 2 Magic Squares Video 1

Week 2 Magic Squares Video 2


We hope the videos help our students to master some of the harder topics.

Best wishes,


Skyward Kids