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Our 3 Mock Exams – Target weaker areas

3rd August 2023

As we are now in August, your child should be working through mock exams.

Mock exams are an essential part of a student’s preparation for their 11 plus exam.

Why are mock exams important?

Mock exams are important for a couple of reasons.

  1. Mock exams may be one of the first significant exams that year 5 students have taken. Mock exams provide the opportunity to practise sitting for an extended period of time, while using the knowledge that they have gained and making sure that their answers are accurate.
  2. Mock exams provide the opportunity to work to time. Some 11 plus exams have timed sections, others do not. Mock exams provide the opportunity to practise working under timed conditions.
  3. Mock exams are essential to identify and boost weaker areas. Our mock exams are instantly marked once students press “FINISH QUIZ”. In addition to the overall percentage achieved, each of the questions is within a topic category. The benefit of this is that parents can instantly identify the topics which are weaker. This is  key at this time of the year (August). You will see the categories included in one of our mock exams (as shown in the image*). You can read down the list. Look at the weaker areas and then go back through to that part of the year 5 course, review the downloadable lesson notes with your child and then complete the quiz again.

Our year 5 course has 3 full GL Assessment Style Mock Exams.

Each full mock exam includes a paper on:

  • NVR
  • VR
  • English
  • Maths

There are detailed explanations for the questions.

Students have 2 attempts at each of the exams, which are an hour in length for each of the sections listed above.

Good luck to all students who are studying for their 11 plus exam, and well done to all parents who are supporting their children through the process.


 * Using the categories to identify weaker areas