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Films in 2019

Last year saw a host of wonderful films released around the world. The film industry offers us all a wide range of genres of films covering numerous topics.

There were some hotly-anticipated films that were extremely disappointing, which is always a real surprise and an expensive mistake that filmmakers want to avoid, but inevitably will not be able to predict.

So, what is it that makes one film amazing and another a real flop?

We know that there are certain films which have a loyal following around the world, and they are sure to be a hit with their loyal fan club.

We know that key lead actors have to pull in big audiences.

Finally, it could be range of elements that come together to make a film truly memorable, from its amazing soundtrack to the creative vision of the Director. This is why the Director’s job is truly important.

What will be the genre of the bit hit film this year?

From espionage to futuristic worlds, from historical drama to real-life contemporary documentaries,  which genre of film will be the hit of the year?

We just cannot answer that at the moment. With so many films being made around the world, we cannot tell which will be the film that captivates global audiences. We know that Disney films really embrace both the targeted younger audiences and their parents, and we expect some Disney magic this coming year.

What are some of the trends in film and UK Cinema from last year?

It has been interesting to see the quite extraordinary amount of musicals which have been made into films last year. Some were really amazing and others, despite incredible visual effects, were just too awful to mention and have been the brunt of all the jokes as this year’s awards ceremonies, such as BAFTA and the Oscars.

The most popular genres continue to be drama, action, thrillers and comedy. 

From these and other statistics, we know that films continue to be of great importance in the UK, both for young and old alike.

How will films look in the future?

Will we have 360 degree cameras shooting from every angle? With virtual reality coming, will we be part of the story and will we be immersed in the film? Will we be able to walk in the film along with the characters? Will we be part of their world? What will this mean for the storyteller?

There are so many questions at the moment that we cannot answer. However, it looks like we will be moving towards some or all of the above over the next twenty years. The impact of Virtual Reality on how a storyteller tells their story will be immense. It looks likely that we will truly be able to experience the feelings and worlds of the characters in film.

What is the current information on the popularity of UK cinema?

Some recent statistics from the British Film Industry are:

UK cinema admissions in 2019 were 176 million last year; the second highest level of admissions since 1970.

Other statistics from the global film industry are that:

  • Three in ten people watch a film in the cinema at least once a month.
  • The lowest monthly cinema admission figures last year were in March and September.
  • The most popular month to go to the cinemas was June when cinema admissions went up by 33% on the same period in the previous year.

Although many people in the UK watch films at home or on the move, we can see that UK cinema is still valued and we do not see that changing in the near future.

We know that films have a huge effect on people’s behaviours, even if it is just discussing the film and its contents and we anticipate that films will continue to be a huge part of British culture for years to come.

BFI Research and Statistics Unit 30 January 2020 and BFI Opening our Eyes

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