5th Comprehension Timed

Dear All,

My brother Richard and I are writing to invite you to our annual charity Christmas party. Last year’s was especially fun. I loved it as we all stayed up far too late!

We really love organising all our events and in particular our annual party, as not only do we all get to see each other, we can play games and raise some money for our local chosen charity.

At last year’s party we raised over £75 for Children In Need. In addition to our party, Richard and I also did 2 sponsored walks, 5 sponsored silences and 3 garage sales throughout year, resulting in us raising £300 in total. Thank you for helping us raise this! This is £20 more than we raised 2 years ago.

This year we have a new target to raise. As it is substantially more than we have ever aimed for, we have decided to join our friends Harry, Rakim and Tilly who were holding a monthly book sale at the village hall and we will all be raising money for the same chosen charity.

The chosen charity for this year is Young Minds. Here is some information about why we have chosen Young Minds this year.

Young Minds helps children like us look after our mental health. It is an amazing charity which does wonderful work.

We want to share the mission of Young Minds with you as we feel it is very relevant to us all:

 “We’re leading the fight for a future where all young minds are supported and empowered, whatever the challenges.”

How great does this sound! It is comforting to know that this is where we could all go to talk to someone who understands problems, should they arise.

So, this year we are aiming to raise £1500.

Together, we have already raised £1200 through six cake sales, ten sponsored silences, five weekends of car washing as well as Richard’s garage sale which raised an enormous £300! (He did sell all of his bikes as well as lots of his Lego and Playmobil).

I did a sponsored bike ride on Dad’s static bike in the garage. I cycled about 6 miles and raised £250. I then decided to do a sponsored car wash and that raised a further £125! It was seriously funny because I actually raised £124, and my Grandpa gave me the extra pound ‘to round it up to a nice number’, he said!

It has been really busy, but I am really enjoying it.

We wondered if you might all be able to come dressed up to this year’s party with the theme being the letter “F”. Dad says he is coming dressed as a frog and mum says she will be a fairy. Would it be ok to bring £10 each to the party? That will mean another £200 (if you all come to the party).

For the last £100 of our £1200 target, we could really do with some ideas please! We have 6 weeks to go. I don’t want to cut any corners, but as it is cold outside, we would rather not do any sponsored swimming at this time of year. Do you have any other suggestions?

We have sold all our old toys and bikes, baked so many cakes and so we are a bit stuck for ideas.

We really do not want to miss our target.

Helen, are you still knitting?

Tariq, are you still doing painting?

The reason I ask is that maybe we could have a local raffle in our community and then we could raffle some of your beautiful paintings and blankets.

Is anyone else creating anything at the moment? It doesn’t matter what, but we would really appreciate it if you would donate something that you have created for this raffle.

Has anyone recently made any ceramics, or done a great drawing? Has anyone made anything out of recycled materials?

Please do let me know.

Anyway, thank you to you all.

See you in early December and please RSVP asap.

Thank you

Alexandra Thornton

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