Week 12 Shuffled Sentences Test Timed



Welcome to the shuffled sentences test for this week.

How to complete this test

Read the question- it will not make sense as the words are jumbled up.

Try and understand whether the sentence is a question or a statement.

Try and find the subject of the sentence.

Try and get a rough sense of what the sentence is saying.

The correct answer is the word which does not have a place in the sentence.

Tip: Shuffled sentences are quite difficult. However, the more you practise, the better you will get.

Test Instructions

You have 9 minutes to complete this section.

There are 9 questions to answer.

The answer options are a-e.

Choose the extra word which is not needed in the sentence.

You have a total of 2 test attempts (in total).

Please do not worry if you find these difficult initially or do not score well.

If you do not score well on your first test, do not look at the answers and attempt the test again.

You should aim to achieve a score of at least 70%.


Good luck!

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Week 12 Shuffled Sentences Test Timed