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Supporting your Social Mobility / Widening Access Programme in your school

Skyward Kids make is easy for grammar schools to provide new 11 plus knowledge and practice to disadvantaged students as well as monitor student progress. Tests mark themselves and students work through the well-structured syllabus at home.                                

How can Skyward Kids help?

We hope this gives you an overview of how Skyward Kids can help you run your social mobility / widening access programmes with ease.


We can book a call to talk about your existing programme or a new social mobility / widening access programme and how Skyward Kids can make it easier for you.

We can talk to you about how other schools run their programmes and give you ideas, which you can choose to adopt if it suits your school’s needs.

If you wish to use mentors as part of your programme, Skyward Kids can offer mentor training videos on the Skyward Kids 11 plus courses.

Access codes per school to access all 11 + courses

  • Year 4 and Year 5 licences.
  • 1 additional licence for school’s use only.
  • Regular downloads including:
    • Course progress snapshot for all students
    • Student test results including percentage achieved in each instantly-marked test, time taken to complete each test and a pass or fail indication
    • Well-being and motivation survey summary

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