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Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions (the Terms) apply to our provision and your use of the information, online courses and materials through the Website (Us) Skyward Kids Life Skills, including you visiting the Website (You) parent or guardian- and on behalf of (User) child under 18. We refer to our (Partner) The Pate’s Grammar School (PGS) and (UCL) The Institute of Social Sciences, University College London)


What these terms cover.

These are the terms and conditions on which we supply our online educational courses.


Why you should read them.

Please read these terms carefully before you submit your order to us.

These terms tell you who we are, how we will provide courses to you, how you and we may change or end the contract, what to do if there is a problem and other important information.

If you think that there is a mistake in these terms, please contact us

Use of this website provided by Skyward Kids Life Skills by any party and any service contained within constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions


Entire Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions set out the entire agreement and understanding between you and us. We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time, without giving notice.

These terms are not negotiable. If you do not agree with them, you must stop using the website immediately.

You agree that failure to comply with any one of these Terms and Conditions will constitute a breach of these terms.



We are not responsible for the accuracy of any content on the website.

We are not responsible for any links to third party websites from our website and the inclusion does not imply an endorsement of a third-party website by us


Information about us and how to contact us

We are Skyward Kids Life Skills.

Please email us at


How we will contact you.

If we have to contact you, we will do so in writing, by email, to you the email address you provided to us in your order.

We will contact you by email after the 11 plus exam has been taken to request the outcome of the exam.


This Contract

Our terms and conditions for our website are applicable for consumers only and we do not trade on a business-to-business basis.

You are a consumer if:

  • You are an individual.
  • You are buying products from us wholly or mainly for your personal use (not for use in connection with your trade, business, craft or profession).



Our Contract with you

How we will accept your order

Our acceptance of your order will take place when we email you to accept it, at which point a contract will come into existence between you and us.

You should always check the contact information you provide is correct before registering or proceeding to payment

Our courses are intended for use by children under the age of 18 (user) but adults, as defined as those aged over 18 and who have sufficient capacity to enter into a binding agreement will be registering for accounts on their behalf.


Our Liability to you

Nothing in these terms affects your statutory rights that you are entitled to as a consumer.

We provide the courses in good faith but give no warranty or representation that the content is accurate, complete or up-to-date or that they will meet your requirement, nor that the website does not infringe the rights of any third parties.

We accept no responsibility or liability for your use of the course or website and your use and the user’s use is entirely at the user’s own risk.

While we take reasonable precautions to prevent the existence of computer viruses and/or other malicious programme on the website and we accept no liability for them.


Your Liability to us

You indemnify and keep us fully indemnified from and against all actions, claims, demands, costs, expenses, liabilities, loss, damaged or other monetary relief brought, made or awarded against or incurred by us resulting (directly or indirectly) from you and the user:

  • participating in the course
  • access to or use of the website or courses
  • your / user breach of any of these terms
  • any negligent act or omission, deliberate default or breach of statutory duty on your part
  • our withdrawal of a course
  • Whilst we do all we can to ensure that course is of a high standard, the user understand and acknowledge that in using the courses you may be exposed to content that is factually inaccurate, offensive if taken out of context, indecent to certain people, or otherwise objectionable to you.

We are not responsible for any claims you may have against us in relation to this type of content.

Each indemnity in this paragraph is separate and independent from the other obligations in these Terms.

Each of these indemnities is to remain fully effective despite any indulgence granted from time to time and despite any judgement to order.


Your Obligations to us

Registering with us

When registering, you will be asked to enter additional information such as:

  • the user’s current academic year
  • the county in which the user will be taking the 11 plus exam.

This and other information help us to understand why you have chosen the course and to ensure that the services are suitable. It is your responsibility to ensure that the user will be taking the correct 11 plus exam course for the associated geographical area. Ie: You need to check that your 11 plus exam course is either GL Assessment or CEM. Please note that there creative writing is not included in this course.

By registering for courses, you agree that you will not share any of the materials within the course.

As part of the registration process, you will need to create a username and password. It is your responsibility to ensure that the information you provide is accurate, not inappropriate.

You are responsible for maintaining your own username and password.

It is also your responsibility to ensure that your username and password are kept safely and not shared with any other party for any reason.


Our Partners

We may make courses available to users who are part of our Partner’s Programmes, and other Grammar schools and Primary schools. If a user is part of these Programmes, you agree that you may be subject to additional terms and policies, regarding your eligibility to participate on our courses. The user’s records will also be maintained by the Partner, Grammar schools and Primary Schools) for the purposes of completing the courses.


Free Access Codes

If you have been given a Free access code, it is personal to you and cannot be transferred to any other user.

If we believe it is being misused, or not used in line with our Terms, we reserve the right to cancel your access to the course.

The Free Access Code cannot be transferred, sold, or redeemed for cash or credit and has no monetary value.

The free access code is only valid for the period specified in the terms.


Linking to other sites

We may at any time add and remove links to other sites at any time.

We will not be liable for any transactions conducted by you with third parties through any linked site or for any liability arising from any representations or information provided on such linked sites.

We appreciate that any linked sites may contain materials in which the operator of the linked sites has intellectual property rights. Â We respect those rights and provide the links for information purposes only.

The fact that we have linked to any linked sites does not create or imply any relationship of partnership between us and the operator of such linked sites, unless expressly noted in these terms. The only partnership Skyward Kids Life Skills have is with Pate’s Grammar School.


Your Order

When you place an order with us you will automatically receive a confirmation email to confirm your order.

Your order constitutes an offer made to us to purchase a course.

Courses not included within your account email are not included in the order and the contract between us and you.

We reserve the right to refuse orders.

You offer is only accepted by us once we have emailed you to confirm the creation of your account and your username and password details and the course has been provided to you

If we are unable to accept your order, we will inform you of this [in writing] and will not charge you for the online course.

We reserve the right to remove (with or without notice) the account of any user who in our sole judgement is in breach of these Terms and Conditions.

We only sell to the UK. Our website is solely for the promotion of our courses in the UK. Unfortunately, we do not accept orders from addresses outside the UK.


Your rights to make changes

If you wish to change the course you have ordered, please contact us within 24 hours.

We will let you know if the change is possible.

If it is possible, we will let you know about any changes to the price of the order, else which would be necessary as a result of your requested change and ask you to confirm whether you wish to go ahead with the change.


Our rights to update content within courses.

We may change minor details within our courses and website to reflect accuracy

These changes will not affect the overall format and use of our courses.

More significant changes to the courses.

We will aim to minimise any major changes to our online courses, but if we do so we will notify you and you may then contact us to end the contract before the changes take effect and receive a refund for any unused parts of the course in the form of a proportionate sum.

We shall always endeavour that the course matches the description of it that we provided to you before you bought it.


Access and License

Once your order has been acknowledged and we have entered into a contract, you will be granted a license to use our courses for the periods and manner which are specified in these terms.

We take all reasonable steps to ensure the website is available and functioning fully at all times. However, we do not accept any responsibility for “down-time” or poor performance or if the website is unavailable for any reason, whether within or outside of our direct control.

If the product is a one-off purchase of digital content. We will make the digital content available for download by you as soon as we accept your order.

All access to courses is for a limited period from registration to 3 days after the 11 plus exam is taken.

You agree to use the website and access the courses only for lawful purposes and your use of the website and courses is in no way unlawful or fraudulent and does not have the intention or effect of damaging us.

You agree not to use or access the website or course for the purpose of contacting, harming or attempting to harm minors in any way.

You agree not to distribute all or any part of the website or courses in any medium without our prior written consent.

You agree not to alter or modify any part of the website or courses.

You agree not to access the website or course through any technology other than generally available third-party web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari

You agree not to (and will not attempt to) circumvent, disable or otherwise interfere with any security related features of the website that prevent copy or enforce any limitations on you.

You agree not to knowingly transmit data or send or submit any content that contains viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time-bombs, key-stroke loggers, spyware or any other harmful programmes or similar computer code designed to adversely affect the operation of any computer or hardware.

You agree not to use the website or the courses in any manner intended to damage, disable, overburden or impair any Skyward Kids Life Skills server or network (s) connected to Skyward Kids Life Skills website.

You agree not to use any high volume, automated, or electronic means to access the website or courses (including without limitation robots, spiders or scripts)

You agree not to frame the website or the online content and courses, place pop-up windows over its pages or otherwise affect the display of its pages.

You agree not to misrepresent your identity, including but not limited to misrepresenting your affiliations with a person or entity, past or present.


Copyright, Intellectual Property Rights

All content, graphics, buttons, icons, logos, layouts and look and feel are the copyright of Skyward Kids Life Skills, unless expressly acknowledged otherwise.

We own and are licensed to use all present and future copyright, registered and unregistered trademarks, design rights, unregistered designs, database rights and all other present and future intellectual property rights and rights in the nature of intellectual property rights existing in or in relation to the website Skyward Kids Life Skills.


Where to find the price for the online course.

The price of the course will be the price indicated on the order pages when you placed your order. We [take all reasonable care to ensure OR use our best efforts to ensure] that the price of the product advised to you is correct. However please see clause 14.3 for what happens if we discover an error in the price of the product you order.


What happens if we got the price wrong?

We make every effort to ensure that our pricing on our website is accurate. However, if an error is the pricing of a course is found, we reserve the right to either cancel your order or contact you to arrange payment of any extra sum due or refund any over-payment made by you (as applicable). / We reserve the right to chance the pricing of any course without notice.


When you must pay and how you must pay.
For digital content, you must pay for the products before you can access the courses.


Reasons we may suspend the courses.

We may have to suspend the access to online courses to:

  • deal with technical problems or make minor technical changes.
  • update the product to reflect changes in relevant laws and regulatory requirements.
  • make changes to the product as requested by you or notified by us to you.
  • We will endeavour to resume full access to the course as soon as possible.


Your rights if we suspend the courses.

We will contact you in advance to tell you we will be suspending course unless the problem is urgent or an emergency. If we have to suspend the product [for longer than 5 days in any 4-week period, we will adjust the price so that you do not pay for products while they are suspended.

You may contact us to end the contract for a product if we suspend it, or tell you we are going to suspend it, in each case for a period of more than 5 days and we will refund any sums you have paid in proportion to the remaining unused parts of the course.


Your rights to end the contract

You can always end your contract with us. Your rights when you end the contract will depend on what you have bought, whether there is anything wrong with it, how we are performing, when you decide to end the contract.

If you are a consumer and have just changed your mind about the product. You can get a refund if you are within the cooling-off period, but this may be subject to deductions:

  • If you have used more than 25 percent of the course.

You can end the contract because of something we have done or are going to do. The contract will end immediately, and we will refund you a proportionate sum (if you have used the course) or the total cost of the course if unused.

You can end the contract if:

  • we have told you about an upcoming change to the product or these terms which you do not agree to
  • we have told you about an error in the price or description of the course you have ordered, and you do not wish to proceed
  • we have suspended supply of the products for technical reasons, or notify you we are going to suspend them for technical reasons, in each case for a period of more than 5 days in any 4-week period or
  • you have a legal right to end the contract because of something we have done wrong.


Ending the contract where we are not at fault and there is no right to change your mind.

Even if we are not at fault and you are not a consumer who has a right to change their mind, you can still end the contract before it is completed. A contract for digital content is completed when the product is paid for and used.

If you want to end a contract before it is completed where we are not at fault and you are not a consumer who has changed their mind, just contact us to let us know. The contract will end immediately, and we will refund any sums paid by you, subject to proportionate deductions based on the use of the course.


How to end the contract with us

Tell us you want to end the contract by email to



Full or partial refunds will only be given where the course is found to be defective.

Refunds will not be given if the issue stems from the user or the user’s equipment

In the case of a defective service, we reserve the right to issue a full or partial refund at our sole discretion.


How we will refund you.

If you are entitled to a refund under these terms, we will refund you the price you paid for the products including delivery costs, by the method you used for payment. However, we may make deductions from the price, as described below.

When we may make deduction from refunds if you are a consumer exercising your right to change your mind. If you are exercising your right to change your mind:

Where the product is a service, we may deduct from any refund an amount for the supply of the service for the period for which it was supplied, ending with the time when you told us you had changed your mind. The amount will be in proportion to what has been supplied, in comparison with the full coverage of the contract.

When your refund will be made. We will make any refunds due to you as soon as possible and within 14 days.

Our rights to withdraw the course and / or end the contract
We will do our best to ensure that the user has access to the course for the duration as set out in these terms.

We may withdraw the course. We may write to you to let you know that we are going to stop providing the product. We will let you know at least 7 days in advance of our stopping the supply of the course and will refund any sums you have paid in advance for products which will not be provided.


Customer Complaints

We will endeavour to respond to all customer complaints within 5 working days/ We take your privacy very seriously and so comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For further details please see our Privacy policy- [].

Our responsibility for loss or damage suffered by you if you are a consumer
We are not responsible for any loss or damage that is not foreseeable.


How we may use your personal information

How we will use your personal information.

We will only use your personal information as set out in our [].


Other important terms

We may transfer this agreement to someone else. We may transfer our rights and obligations under these terms to another organisation.

We will always tell you in writing if this happens and we will ensure that the transfer will not affect your rights under the contract OR We will contact you to let you know if we plan to do this.

If you are unhappy with the transfer, you may contact us to end the contract within 14 days of us telling you about it and we will refund you any payments you have made in advance for products not provided.

Nobody else has any rights under this contract. This contract is between you and us.

No other person shall have any rights to enforce any of its terms.

If a court finds part of this contract illegal, the rest will continue in force. Each of the paragraphs of these terms operates separately. If any court or relevant authority decides that any of them are unlawful, the remaining paragraphs will remain in full force and effect.

Which laws apply to this contract and where you may bring legal proceedings if you are a consumer. These terms are governed by English law, and you can bring legal proceedings in respect of the products in the English courts. If you live in Scotland, you can bring legal proceedings in respect of the products in either the Scottish or the English courts. If you live in Northern Ireland, you can bring legal proceedings in respect of the products in either the Northern Irish or the English courts.