In addition to school what areas and skills should students be working through?

KS2 Maths and English are the basis for all 11 plus exams. With this in mind, your child should be doing well in these subjects.

We feel that it is important that your child reads a broad range of books on varying topics to extend general vocabulary, which is the basis for the English sections.

In terms of maths, a knowledge of some year 6 maths topics (which we will cover in the course) could also be helpful in order to demonstrate a high level of ability.

Additional areas to cover are:

NVR- Non-Verbal Reasoning

English skills such as shuffled sentences (CEM), cloze (CEM), synonyms and antonym knowledge (CEM and GL Assessment).

Please do not worry as all of these will be explained later on in the course and your child will have opportunity to practise all of these areas.


Final Note on all 11 plus exams:

It is very important to note that 11 plus exams vary every year both in the skills and content which are included.

You will notice in many of our lesson notes that we say that a topic “may come up” or “might come up in the exam”. Nobody other than the examining board who write the questions know what is going to be in the exam from year to year.

We have included as much as we can and as much as many of the topics that we know, for this course.

Please remember, that everyone is in the same position.

Nobody knows what is going to be in the exam, and exam may have different sections and format to those which your child has studied. The key is that your child gains confidence to be adaptable should they meeting anything new on exam day.



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