Overview: How much work to do every week


Please remember to check the instructions on each test according to the examining board which your child is completing.


All topics notes and instructions are clearly labelled:

  • CEM
  • GL Assessment 
  • ALL  Students 

You will see the following detail: 

(CEM exam skills and GL core knowledge) – This means that you need to complete this test whether you are GL or CEM. If you are CEM then you are practicing for the exam, and if you are GL you are building core skills, however it is not in the same format as you would see in the exam.
(GL exam skills) – This is practise for the GL exam.
(CEM exam skills) – This is practise for the CEM exam.
(All Students)

Every week, your child should work through the following:

English weekly lesson + Quizzes

Maths weekly lesson + Quizzes

NVR weekly lesson + Quizzes

GL Assessment VR lesson + Quizzes (if applicable)



Please note that there are 2 online mock exams within the course at various points.

They are designed to allow students to practise sitting for an extended period of time.



It is a good idea to choose 3 additional books (1 in each topic) and complete them. There are many excellent books available and it is essential to work through books of your choice.

If your child has a weaker area, then you could choose a book which is specifically targeting that area, such as Comprehension or Non-Verbal Reasoning.

We suggest you go into a bookshop or read online reviews. You cannot go too wrong.


Top Tip:

Please ensure you are choosing books for (9 -10 – easier) and (10-11 for more challenging books).

Please also ensure that you are buying the correct examining board.


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