This is your weekly checklist to remind you of the things you need to complete!

It’s only a little list and you may want to add in some other things to do that are specific to your needs. For example, if you are struggling with Maths you may choose to be adding in a book in which you complete an extra 2 tests per week, or if you struggle with English you may be doing some extra vocabulary exercises.

However, as a minimum here is your weekly checklist:

1 Read Maths notes, check to see if there is a video and complete the Maths test

2 Learn any synonyms / antonyms sheets and complete the associated test

3 Complete any additional English practice tests set for that week (comprehension, shuffled sentences or cloze practice).

4 Read NVR notes and complete the NVR test

5 Make sure you are practicing your times tables tests to complete your speed up!

6 Read your weekly well-being, inspiration and success tips sheet before you start your week and try and use these simple strategies to help you flourish!


Look at your test results on your profile page.

Make a note of where you are in the course.

Make notes on any subject areas which you have found tricky and look up extra resources on the internet, ask a family member, friend or teacher or complete some additional exercises in the books we recommend.

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