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Answering Your 11 Plus Questions

14th October 2022

What are 11 plus exams?

11 plus exams are taken around the country to try for a place at a Grammar school.
Not all counties have a Grammar school. You need to check your Local Authority website to see whether you have Grammar schools and which examining board administers the 11 plus exam.


When are 11 plus exams taken?

Most 11 plus exams are taken at the beginning of year 6, in early September.
As you may need to register for your child to take the exam, please start checking the Local Authority website in March onwards, so that you do not miss the registration date (if applicable).


How do I know if my child should sit an 11 plus exam?

This is a mixture of many questions and decisions. We have a list of some of the considerations below:

  • Would you would like your child to try for a Grammar school place?
  • Is your child achieving or exceeding expected KS2 standards? If the answer is yes, then they can try for a place.
  • Does your child want to go to a Grammar school? It may be that they want to go to an Open Morning to make that decision.
  • Do you and your child want to do extra 11 plus tuition and familiarisation to prepare for the Grammar Entrance Test ( 11 plus exam)?


How do I know what is in 11 plus exam?

You can check in 2 places:

  • Local Authority Website
  • Any of the Grammar schools which you are considering.

Both of the above should give you the information on what is covered in the 11-plus exam in that area.


Should my child have 11 plus tuition?

Some students have 11 plus tuition and others have very little 11 plus familiarisation.

11 plus tuition and familiarisation is a good idea.

Most students who want to do well in their 11 plus exam have some sort of 11 plus tuition in one or more of the following formats:

  • With an 11 plus tutor
  • With a parent at home
  • Using online resources
  • Using books

The choice is completely up to you and is determined by your own personal preference.

We wish all 11-plus students the best of luck in their 11-plus preparation.


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Have a question?

Kathryn will happily answer any questions you may have about the 11 Plus in your area. We'd love to hear from you.

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