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Affordable 11 Plus Courses

3rd August 2023

Skyward Kids has created affordable 11 plus courses. Our courses were developed in partnership with Pate’s Grammar School, Cheltenham and are used by grammar schools to help local primary school students with their 11 plus preparation.

Great Value Courses

Skyward Kids is committed to providing great value, online 11 plus courses for year 4 and year 5 students around the country.

The courses are written by established 11 plus authors and tutors, and are based on extensive experience of what students have to study to get into a grammar school.

An 11 Plus Programme of Study at an affordable price

For those who can afford a private tutor, then our courses sit alongside to provide extra practice.

For those families who are tutoring their child at home, the course provides a step-by-step framework to follow for each week. They include downloadable topic notes which you can keep forever and access to follow-up 11 plus practice tests.

Money-Saving Mock Exams

The year 5 course includes 3 online mock exams with newly written GL Assessment style content. Mock exams can be costly. These provide essential practice.

Identify and target weaker areas throughout August

At the end of the mock exam, the categories included in the mock exam are shown alongside the percentage achieved.This means that parents can easily identify weaker areas, and boost them with the corresponding parts of the course with the downloadable lesson notes and quizzes.

All quizzes have two attempts which provides an easy and affordable way to continue practice right up to the exam.

Our courses are the 11 plus tool of choice and have been proven to provide essential practice, ready for Grammar Entrance Tests.