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Your 11 Plus Preparation – Timeline from Year 4

18th June 2024

11 Plus Preparation Timeline

11 Plus Preparation Timeline – June Starters

From Year 4 to the 11 Plus Exam in 2025

It is that time of year again and we are delighted to welcome our new Year 4 students.

Are you wondering when to start 11 Plus Preparation and how much work needs to be done in order to prepare your Year 4 child for their 11 Plus exam? We will be helping you at every step of the way. We would suggest starting your Year 4 child’s 11 Plus preparation as soon as you can.

We hope that the timeline of how we approach 11 Plus Preparation helps.

Over the next few weeks,  we will be sharing all our top tips for parents who are starting the 11 plus journey with their child. These will be shared on all our socials and via our blog.

How much 11 Plus preparation should you complete in Year 4 ?

Some Year 4 students will complete at least 30 minutes of 11 Plus homework, twice a week from Monday to Friday, and others will complete all their 11 Plus preparation at the weekend, when they have more time.

It is completely up to parents and how it works for you as a family. It is also completely up to you whether to do more, but we would suggest that this is a minimum for our Year 4 starters.

Top 11 Plus Scheduling Tip:

  • Make a calendar which takes you to September of Year 5.
  • Schedule which days your child will complete 11 plus homework and talk to your child about this. Make sure that they are happy with this.
  • Review your calendar and keep on track with it.
  • In September. See how far you have reached in our Year 4 course. Decide when you should start our Year 5 course. Map this out so that you are on course to finish on time in June / July of year 5.
  • Remember to factor in breaks for holidays and half terms.

Remember: You have access to our 11 Plus courses until

A lovely testimonial from our most recent Year 4 11 Plus Parent:

Year 4 11 plus Testimonial

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